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"Her Story"

Mrs. K

Faith, Hope , And Purpose!!

This Battle is not yours...(WHY ME)- WHY NOT ME- No longer surviving but Thriving


Every chapter of our life holds the most deepest secrets yet the most prominent moments that turn into memories that will last a lifetime. We use those memories and experiences to set and mold a foundation to uncover our true desires, goals and ambitions. They say that time flies when you are having fun. I would like to say that time has flown because her life has been a blast, full of laughter, ups and downs, prayer and healing; yet looking back, it is hard to believe that years ago, her life was drastically changed forever because of that moment where time stood still and life seemed hopeless.

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Pink Hearts, Inc

  Spring Edition...

              "Her Story"      

Cancer Survivor Joi Demps tells

How she was able to Overcome and Survive one of the most Deadly Disease around.

Written By Adonist

Art of Noise

Joi Demps

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"From My Lips to God's Ears"

Joi Demps Her Story

Joi Demps

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Joi "Survivor Story" Video coming soon

Mike Smiff "Runway"  Video

It was such an Honor to be featured in such a Powerful video that represents so many beautiful ladies from all walks of life.


PH Videos 

 Pink Hearts Inc presents a Bake sale

Pink Hearst, Inc Meeting @ Miami Cancer Institute

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Breast Cancer survivor Tarsharra tells how she discovered her lump.

By PH Photography

Remembering Fila

By PH Photography


Founder Mrs.K getting Microblading Procedure

Pinktober Celebration

50 Shades of Pink Event

Honor of Survivors

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