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The Pink in the Founder/Survivor


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This Battle is not yours...(WHY ME)- WHY NOT ME- No longer surviving but Thriving


Every chapter of our life holds the most deepest secrets yet the most prominent moments that turn into memories that will last a lifetime. We use those memories and experiences to set and mold a foundation to uncover our true desires, goals and ambitions. They say that time flies when you are having fun. I would like to say that time has flown because her life has been a blast, full of laughter, ups and downs, prayer and healing; yet looking back, it is hard to believe that years ago, her life was drastically changed forever because of that moment where time stood still and life seemed hopeless.

She grew up in a rugged home that most would consider to be an environment that only the strong could survive in. When Ms. McCombs world that once made sense took a drastic turn, her only outlet was her inner strength that only God could understand her cry for help where there was no judgement. An outlier that endured the harsh reality of transitioning into a world that was never meant for her, left a lot of unanswered questions. Her aspirations were submerged by the life choices that manifested from her childhood yet she overcame obstacles that only time could fix. Looking in the mirror uncovering the scars of life, helped her to change the identity she once knew and used it as a way for her to uncover her true reflection. Being able to bare witness to her real passion and love for life itself, gave her motivation which later turned into a lifestyle of determination to pursue her new found happiness.

The feeling of being unwanted and alone took her on a journey with God that lead her toward her spiritual freedom as God allowed her to have a voice to speak more boldly which helped her to set herself apart from the negative to the positives. In 2012, on October 28th at just 32 years old, Mrs. McCombs dreams were abruptly eclipsed by the cold, hard reality of Invasive Ductal Carcinoma. IDC represents about 80% of breast cancer diagnosis, countless visits to oncologists, and Mrs. McCombs had to face her own mortality at a young age with prior inconclusive results.

Mrs. McCombs decided to face her illness head on with a positive spirit with support from her two aunts, Arlenna Williams -Tooley and Rosa Jones . To protect herself from hidden fear and disbelief, she opted to go through with the chemotherapy treatment. All was well for a short while, but during her 4th series of chemo, she developed what looked to be even worse than the diagnosis itself, having revealed that she developed blood clots. Devastated and scared that her life was coming to an end, she was fearful of the unknown. The warrior inside of her rose up to meet the impossible; with a spirit of hopeful defiance with her brain, heart and lungs being a big wave of concern, from blood thinners and having to sleep sitting up, none were a battle because the fight was inevitable. With her medicaid being apart of the struggle, to being forced to quit her job, she was left with no financial support or programs for assistance. Her Aunts' were her rock so it was just a test of faith.

After a double mastectomy, battling what turned into stage 2 breast cancer, Mrs. McCombs was pronounced cancer free in August 2013. Being a Miami native her road to recovery was in full effect upon her return to Miami, Florida in September 2014. With an enormous amount of support, little did she know the love of her life had been following her story, which became a love story that she never thought or imagined she would live to see. Two months of being cancer free, rapid hair growth was the first step to new beginnings; what she uncovered was that she had written her own testimony and now has turned it into a global movement with taking a leap of faith. Her quote " Faith Over Fear" is now the headline to her non-profit organization which is a foundation to provide support for those who may be going through this painful yet stressful process. The idea behind The Pink Hearts INC. motto is simply that, "the struggle is real." Her objective is to ensure to give back as God gave her a second chance at life, to follow her dreams and change the lives of others. Her promise is to change cancer patients and survivors mindset from asking the question, "What if there was no support?" Mrs. McCombs asks, "what mind frame would they be in with all the added stress of financials?" Her goal is simple: to help cancer patients with bill payments, offer care packages based on her own experiences and give back to those in need by uplifting and displaying community support.

Allow me to Reintroduce Mrs. Kennisha McCombs

" A positive mindset will give positive results."

                                                                                     MRS K- CEO est:2017- @PinkHeartinc  

Our President Mrs. K 

"Her story"

Faith over Fear

Pink Hearts Dream Team

The Pink in our Staff

Our Mission here at Pink Hearts Inc. is to inspire, encourage, motivate, restore hope and faith to those Individuals in need.  Through collaboration and sponsorship we can provide a service that will assist with bill pay options/referrals, gas cards, care packages, custom wigs, spa days, and more. For patients that may be fighting cancer and those who are in need of assistance.

Kennisha Gummer  McCombs


Founder/ Survivor/ Inspirational Speaker

Rosa Jones

Vice President/Advisor

Advisor for Non-profit Organization/ Events & more

Arlenna Williams-Tooley

Secretary/ Treasure

Book Keeping/ Payroll/ Eligibility Requirements, etc..

Carlos McCombs

Program Director

Program Director/ Event Coordinator

Shandreika Fletcher

Assistant/ Volunteer Coordinator

Board Members Assistant/Volunteer Coordinator

Adonist Art of Noise


Survivor Stories / Media

Marie James

Custom Appareal Consultant

Clutch/Skirt ​Designer

D'vine Design

Custom Accessories Consultant

Accessories & Oil Designer

Joann Chaney, LPN, SN

Health Consultant

Education on how to perform self-checks, what's not normal, mammograms & more.

Cali Cakes


Custom Treats/ Assistant Event coordinator

Joi Demps

Chief Editor

Survivor Stories editing, web Consultant

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