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The Battle is not yours...

                                                                 Faith Over Fear


Pink Hearts, Inc welcomed a new board member

Jo-ann chaney

Why I wear Pink

Like a thief in the night;

an unknown assailant came to battle you for your life.

A serial killer without a face,

thought it would be easy to steal 2nd base.

To survive you had to sacrifice pieces of yourself,

and witness life as unfair.

It showed no pity as it snatched these things

without a care.

Although it was hard;

you kept believing in God.

He became your shield

as your soul and body healed.

I wear a pink ribbon

for the strength that you were given…

To support the Fighters…

To admire the Survivors…

To honor the Taken…

I wear pink in your honor.

For standing on the frontlines

and becoming a Warrior,

getting through the tough times,

and being a Breast Cancer Survivor.

By J.Chaney


Please donate to assist individuals/families with

items such as socks, footies, scarves, head wraps, personal products and household products, etc. 

Monetary donations are welcomed.  All proceeds go towards Pink Hearts Inc. Organization. 


Check out our Event Page for upcoming PH💞 Events.  There will be several events/fundraisers to help raise funds for the PH💖Program that assist individuals/families with utility bill assistance/referrals, food vouchers, gas cards, individualized support, and much more. 👪

All proceeds will go towards the Pink Hearts Inc. Program. 


At Pink Hearts Inc. we understand the challenges associated with meeting one's daily needs and responsibilities while undergoing cancer treatment.  We provide resources to assist individuals and families undergoing cancer treatment to meet their needs while preserving their dignity.  Services include Pink Hearts Inc. Care Packages that may include financial support, food vouchers, personal products and more. 
Become a sponsor of
Pink Hearts Inc. Program and help a family in need by making a monetary donation.  Donations may be made in a lump sum or become a member with a monthly contribution of $30.  Your donation will ensure available resources for those families with personal hardships while going through cancer related treatment.  
All donors will receive an acknowledgment for your support along with information on all PH activities and events.  As a special thank you; a discount will be provided on all Pink Hearts Inc. products  and services.  

*Remember you can make a "one-time donation."  Shop online for PH 💖accessories, stay informed about events, and to schedule additional services such as photography.  

Your support is greatly needed and appreciated.

Custom T's 


Pink Hearts Inc. Custom T's  is a top of the line T-shirt which allows you to move freely throughout your day while supporting the cause.  You can receive your custom T 

in 3 colors: black, white & pink

While shopping feel free to select a PH 💖Accessory.

Pink Hearts, Inc

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